100% Made in Germany  • Made with love • 60 years really good pet food

In the beautiful state of Baden-Württemberg, nestled in lush green meadows, golden fields and deep forests, we produce excellent pet food for discerning dogs and cats.

The well-being and health of your pet is the motivation for our actions. We rely on the highest quality of raw materials for the production of our delicious favourite products.

Try it out and be convinced of the choice quality and irresistible taste!

Carefully selected ingredients
We source the high-quality & exquisite raw ingredients for Sammy’s delicious dog snacks from suppliers we trust in and with complete transparency of the value chain.

Love you can taste
Through the careful and gentle processing of all ingredients for Sammy’s fine delicacies, not only the natural ingredients but also the full flavour of the raw materials are preserved.

Special recipes
Thanks to our 60 years of experience and the latest scientific findings, we have developed unique dog snacks that will make your dog’s mouth water.

Without animal testing
We are strictly against any kind of animal testing that would lead to health problems for the animals or that involves pain and suffering.

A delicious reward is the best thing ever, right?

That’s why Sammy has come up with some very special snacks for your dog: With its delicious meat fillets, convenient protein bars to-go, and fine morsels, you will be perfectly equipped for any adventure. Sammy’s snacks are not only irresistibly delicious, but also rich in healthy ingredients and will make your furry friend’s heart beat faster with every bite.

Functional snacks

Sammy’s delicious health & well-being snacks are the perfect supplement and addition to your furry friend’s favourite daily food.

Meat snacks

The way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach: Sammy’s grain-free snacks are a treat for every meat lover.

Baked snacks

Sammy’ s gently baked, crunchy-fresh treats will put a smile on your furry friend’ s face.

Protein bars to-go

Small, power-packed bars – lots of energy in a practical pocket-sized format for rewards for on-the-go.

We do our best every day to protect nature, the environment and wildlife together and are very proud to have been a climate-neutral
production site since the beginning of 2020.

CO2-neutral production site

What does CO2-neutral mean? The carbon footprint of our company that results from the production of our delicious products is calculated and fully offset by supporting climate protection projects.
Our project involves the protection of a primary forest on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. This serves as a true biodiversity hotspot and therefore provides a valuable habitat for numerous animal and plant species.

Strong together for European animal protection

We are especially proud of our cooperation with VETO [Association of European Animal Welfare Organizations]. VETO advocates for the welfare of shelter and street animals throughout Europe, educates and fights for uniform animal welfare laws.
For us it is our heartfelt wish to support Europe’s animal welfare organizations with food donations and financial help. We do this to help unnecessary animal suffering at home and abroad to come to an end one day.


Sadly, not every furry friend has the luck to be part of a loving family from the very beginning. That’s why we work closely with regional animal shelters and always ensure well-filled dog and cat bellies. To assure that the shelter is only a temporary home, we also support the dedicated shelter staff in their search for a new home that is “for-ever”.

Are you ready for (another) furry companion to accompany you? Then don’t hesitate and visit your local animal shelter because a great love on four legs may already be waiting there.

Ethical Trading Initiative

The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an alliance of several companies, trade unions and non-profit organizations committed to the global observance of fair working conditions for all people involved in the production of the raw materials used or consumer goods produced.
We are committed to the ETI Code and the related sense of social responsibility to ensure fair, safe and respectful treatment of all workers and employees. For us it is our heartfelt wish to support Europe’s animal welfare organizations with food donations and financial help. We do this to help unnecessary animal suffering at home and abroad to come to an end one day.

Annually, we donate
10 % of our profits to charitable causes
for humans & animals!

… und wie DU sie richtig entsorgst.

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Verpackung Backwaren

… and how to dispose of it properly.

Sammy’s goodies come directly to your door with “Green Shipping”!

We ship all our deliveries, in a manner which is entirely climate neutral, with DHL GOGREEN.
This means that the greenhouse gases created by shipping are calculated and offset again through various climate protection projects.

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